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Welcome to the Web site of popular Czech sci-fi author Jiri Kulhanek, who is known for skillfully combining sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, horror and humor into fast paced adventure novels featuring colorful supernatural characters.

This page is primarily dedicated to the English translations of his books.


Expecting Eternity

Jiri Kulhanek's long awaited latest novel.
Published in Czech, November 2011.

They live among us - we know them from television, from newspapers and from radio – the spokesmen. However, only one of them is Mr. Spokesman, but you will not run into him in the mass media.

Mr. Spokesman doesn't do much talking. Mr. Spokesman 
only delivers messages. When he starts the sun hides its face, and the number of funeral services doubles. Triples.


The Night Club

A modern-day vampire adventure

Now available in English!


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