Jiri Kulhanek was born on December 31, 1967 in Brandys, a historical town near Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Very little is known about his life until the publication of his first novel in 1995, Rulers of Fear, which received wide acclaim. Since then, Kulhanek has penned nearly a dozen novels.

He is considered one of Czech Republic's most popular science fiction authors.

Although he writes about 'creatures of the night', Kulhanek's novels cannot be classified as mere horror stories. He weaves together black humor, movie-like action sequences with vivid violence in an unconventional writing style that hasn't made him too popular with literary critics. The same style, however, has earned him endless ranks of staunch supporters the likes of publishers, booksellers, and readers.


Early in his career Jiri Kulhanek was awarded the Czech Academy Prize of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror for his novel titled Rulers of Fear.

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